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SportEX.Asia is the definitive and most prestigious conference on the Sun Rise sector of Sports in India.With the rapid growth in the sports sector and emergence of various sports leagues in India, there is a huge opportunity for sports businesses to grow in this sunrise sector. SportEX.Asia will provide a neutral networking platform for sports businesses to interact with investors, funds and High Networth Individuals both from India as well as from overseas

Madrid Curtain Raiser Highlights 2018

A successful Curtain Raiser Event Took place in Madrid, Spain on 1st Feb 2018.

The top Spanish Corporates and Spanish Sports Entities including La Liga,Real Madrid, Atletico De Madrid etc, Spanish national Sports Federations including for Basketball, Boxing, Futsal, Rugby, Frontball together with the representatives from the Ministry of Sports in Spain attended the Curtain Raiser event. Many of the Top Corporates from Spain Attended Eg - Santander Bank.

Madrid Curtain Raiser Media Coverage

SportEX.Asia 2018 curtain raiser was covered extensively by Media Agencies of Spain. 

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