Team SportEX.Asia

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Raghvendra helped start up Sportex.Asia  to evangelize sports in India , to promote  the process of Investing in Sporting assets and  to encourage the setting up of Sporting Eco Systems  in India so as to eventually benefit the youth of India.  

Mr  Madhav is an Investment Advisor focusing on M&As in South East Asia . A seasoned media professional, he was instrumental in setting up Sports/  News/ Lifestyle channels in India and S.E Asia . He also enabled investments into the FM radio industry in India as well.

Mr. Madhav is a qualified Chartered Accountant. In 1988, he joined  the Entertainment/ Media/ Telecommunications practice of Price Waterhouse in London where he consulted  with Media Corporations like British Satellite Broadcasting, Carlton Communications, British Telecommunications and  the BBC.

He completed the AMP from Harvard Business School in 2011. Thereafter,  he set up Amogha Consultancy Ltd. with offices in London, Mauritius and India,

He  has received an Honors degree in Economics from St. Stephens College New Delhi and  is an alumnus of The Doon School.

Chairman,  SportEX.Asia and Amogha Consultancy Ltd

Raghvendra Madhav

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Arvind Narayan (San Francisco) is one of the founders of Libero Sports LLC, a football agency focusing on emerging markets. He runs Libero Sports in the USA,India and Japan.

Narayan has been a football player himself having represented India in U19. He holds an undergraduate degree in Finance from  Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.

Marketing Director, SportEX.Asia

Mr. Arvind Narayan

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Mr. Jugjiv Singh is a corporate professional with over 30 years of work experience in companies like ICI, Dupont, BILT, Bsi Management Systems and Kurlon. He is an Economics graduate from St. Stephens and a postgraduate in Management. He has also completed the AMP from Harvard Business School .

Director, SportEX.Asia

Mr. Jugjiv Singh

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Mr. Sanjiv Sachar was the founding Partner of Egon Zehnder International, India Practice and subsequently India Country Head. He was core member of the Firm’s Global Financial Services and Industrial Practice and led the CFO practice in India. He was Government of India’s nominee for 5 years on the first board constituted  for Indian Institute of Management, Rohtak.

Director, SportEX.Asia

Mr. Sanjiv Sachar

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Suryavir Madhav. Commercial director SportEX.Asia, has studied in the Doon School Dehradun. After his Graduation from Delhi University ,  he followed it with a Masters in Finance & International Business from The University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom . He worked in Investment banking in London for a year and then returned back to India to support the SportEX.Asia Movement and pursue his entrepreneurial ventures. He has also played sports at the state level in Basketball for Uttar Pradesh and then Uttarakhand State.

Commercial Director, SportEX.Asia

Mr. Suryavir Madhav

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Mr. Ignacio Garcia also runs Dahrima Sports and  is managing Carolina Marin, the Olympic Badminton Champion.  cisco . Focusing on Spain, Dahrima´s Sports is involved in Sports marketing projects, for top Spanish Sports Organizations - Atletico de Madrid FC and the Olympic program of the Basque Government “Basque Team” .

Director Spain, SportEX.Asia

Mr. Ignacio Garcia